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SERVILATTES - Ceramic weld backings for industrial welding

SERVILATTES ceramic weld backings ensure a compact root pass in all positions. They are essential and represent a significant gain in productivity. Discover all our ceramic backings tapes is this PDF document.

SERVIBOT - Full brochures | SERVISOUD

01 - Full brochure | SERVIBOT 4.0 Systems - Programmable and standalone carriage

SERVIBOT is a range of products allowing to build your own mechanisation system for welding, cutting and other related processes.


02 - SERVIBOT Flyer - Programmable and standalone carriages - all positions

SERVIBOT is the new welding carriages range of SERVISOUD. This wending carriages are programmable and standalone, in any welding positions.

GLUMAG® autonomous welding carriage | SERVISOUD

03 - GLUMAG – Battery Powered Magnetic Welding Carriage

The GLUMAG Magnetic Welding carriage is fully independent and can be used to immediately complete any manual welding installation without an electrical connection. It has a universal MIG torch holder.

FLATMAG dual twin torch welding carriage

04 - FLATMAG 2 – Dual torch independent welding carriage. Simultaneous welding of opposing flat angles

Fully autonomous, FLATMAG 2 is a twin head welding carriage especially designed to weld the 2 opposite angles of stiffeners simultaneously, continuous or discontinuous, alternating or opposite.

MAGLIGHT welding carriage

05 - MAGLIGHT – Mini Battery Powered Magnetic Welding Carriage

MAGLIGHT is a mini autonomous welding carriage with magnetic suction pads that can immediately complete any manual welding installation without requiring any connection. It has a universal MIG torch holder. It allows to quickly mechanize angle welds for metal construction, naval construction and other work.

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