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Here are the welding products you have selected. By completing the form below, you will be able to make a rental reservation request.
Before validating your request, please consult our general rental conditions.
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Our sales team will get back to you to send you a quote and confirm your reservation within 24h/48h.

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Legal information

Equipment rental is strictly reserved for professionals.

Equipement : The equipment is equipped as described in the general information for each category of article, excluding the 400V power socket, excluding gas and excluding consumables (eg water).

Rental period: The rental begins when the equipment leaves our Montoir agency and ends when the equipment returns to the Montoir agency.

Delivery method: The delivery flat rate is invoiced in addition. Consult us for prices.

Reconditioning: The equipment reconditioning package and wearing parts are charged extra.

Insurance: Equipment insurance is your responsibility.

Terms of payment: Payment is made 30 days from the end of the month of the invoice date by bank transfer or cheque.

Consult here the complete rental conditions.