• relecteurs
  • 16 October 2017

EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES, anchored in the Pays de la Loire region, specializing in innovative services and processes for industries, has just acquired the company SERVISOUD, based in Cholet (49) and recognized for its welding expertise.

For the group, this operation is part of its external growth plan and its desire to strengthen its presence in the naval sector. The two companies also have many customers in common (NAVAL GROUP, STX, etc.). And the synergies are numerous.

The first exchanges were initiated at the end of 2015, within the framework of research projects carried out within the Jules Verne IRT aiming at the development of mobile welding robots (CHARMAN and ASPEN projects). With their own expertise and skills : SERVISOUD for the design and manufacture of welding carriages ; and EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES the robotic mastery (thanks to GEBE2, a subsidiary acquired in the summer of 2014) and knowledge on the industrialization of products and processes. This merger was evident to carry out the industrialization of the results of the two research projects.

“Our group is in a strategy of external growth” recalls Patrick CHEPPE, CEO of EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES. “We were already working in the shipbuilding and sheet metal welding business with our LNG division. SERVISOUD brings us more than a process, this company brings us a wide range of own products that could fail us and that will tomorrow meet more broadly the needs of our customers. ”
The benefits are mutual. “SERVISOUD and our subsidiary SONATS (which produces ultrasonic needle peening systems with a view to strengthening them) also have a lot to gain by sharing their respective knowledge of welding. The coherence is total “ensures Patrick CHEPPE.

SERVISOUD will continue to exist under its own name and under the general direction of Claude RICHARD who was associated with the Founder Patrice RONDEAU for 4 years. The activity of the sites is also maintained. The definitive signature of this acquisition took place at the premises of EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES, in Carquefou, on October 4th, 2017.


Created in 1998, EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES is today composed of nearly 370 employees for a turnover of 66M € (one third of which is exported). Organized into 3 departments (Engineering, Manufacturing and Technologies), the group offers innovative services and products for its industrial customers in the aerospace, energy, naval, defense, food and transport markets.

Located in Pays de la Loire, Poitou-Charente and Rhôn- Alpes, Europe Technologies also has two subsidiaries (USA and China). The subsidiaries of the group are: